Ketogenic diet Is The Way To Go

Keto Is The Way To Go - Max Sweets

The human body is designed to convert food into energy.  Whether it's protein, fat, or carbs, we are able to turn it into fuel. It's how we eat, sleep, and breathe! 

So what is the most optimal combination of fuel for the body?

The key is to give your body the 'right' kinds fuel, which results in the most optimal levels of health, longevity and vitality. Fats, proteins, and minimal carbs - also known as the ketogenic diet

Studies show that a ketogenic diet  keeps blood sugar levels balanced, while improving overall levels of health. Consuming primarily healthy fats and protein has been shown to improve overall energy levels and health. 

When the body is pushed into burning fat as fuel, it prevents muscle deterioration. In addition, the ketogenic diet, using primarily fat and protein as fuel, can also keep a host of medical ailments at bay.

The ketogenic diet also has a very incredible anti-epileptic effect. In Fred Vogelstein's article published by The New York Times introduced a young man, Sam, who has been controlling his epileptic seizures with the diet for over two years. 

When questioned about the science and legitimacy behind the ketogenic diet, the boys mother explains her viewpoint in regards to her sons health:

"...what we are doing is mainstream science...the ketogenic diet, is now offered at more than 100 hospitals in the United States, Canada, and other countries. We’re not opposed to drugs; we tried many. But Sam’s seizures were drug-resistant, and keto, the universal shorthand, often provides seizure control when drugs do not."

Food as medicine is still being studied by doctors who practice Western medicine, however, it is an ancient practice that has been used by Eastern medicine doctors for centuries, and healing symptoms with diet instead of pharmaceuticals can prevent a host of unwanted side effects. Start paying attention to your diet. It can be your best preventative!

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