Join me in my revolution

Within days, I went from hiking, walking my dogs, nursing my son and taking care of my family to someone who could not hold a pen, who felt weak on her strongest days and had trouble focusing on even the smallest tasks and conversations.

After searching the world for a cure, trying some mainstream approaches, and coming up empty-handed, I found nutrition was vital to restoring health in my body. I committed myself to heal my body through food, exercise, and meditation.

I now have zero room for error and can’t mess with my nutrition.

After 16 years with Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, I realized the most crucial dietary decision is to keep carbs at a minimum and eliminate sugar from my diet. I'm talking about the sugar found in all those delicious treats we crave, like cookies, candies, and marshmallows.

After many mishaps in the kitchen, I worked with Miche Bacher to create a delicious zero-sugar blend that we now use in Max Mallows. And this is just the beginning! We have many more sweet treats on the way to satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar.