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Sosi’s ( Premium Savory Armenian Yogurts) and Know Brainer  (ketogenic creamers, instant beverages & zero sugar confections) have joined forces with Boulder Bake (grain free and plant based baking mixes) and Etalia (artisan gluten free breads) to provide nutritious and immunity building food while supporting our community and reinforcing social distancing. We are introducing a CURBSIDE PICKUP at 2 of our manufacturing plants. Simply follow the steps below to not only enjoy the most delicious and nutritious products, but also to be a part of supporting the COVID response in Colorado.

10% of all profits will be donated to the COVID relief in Colorado

It's simple:

  • Email your product selection, location and curbside delivery time to shari@myknowbrainer.com.
  • Conveniently pay online invoice.
  • Drive to location and text either Sosi's or Know Brainer's number.
  • Open your trunk and we will place your order inside wearing gloves.
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Join us in taking care of our community (feel free to donate here)

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