Keto-friendly Foods You Can Buy

Keto-friendly Foods You Can Buy - Max Sweets

Know Brainer Keto-friendly Coconut-Milk & Collagen Creamer

Know Brainer's entire line is centered around keto-friendly products, and their newest offering might just be the quickest way to keto-fy your morning coffee on the market. The liquid creamer comes in a dairy and coconut-milk variety and is spiked with collagen for an extra dose of protein and gut-healing benefits. It also contains MCT oil to help move the body into ketosis and add a dose of non-jittery energy. Both varieties also contain absolutely no added sugar. Best of all? The creamer blends perfectly with hot beverages, without leaving the dreaded curdling chunks.

Ketogenic Coconut Milk & Collagen Creamer, Know Brainer (available in Sprouts and online in April for $6.99 for 16 ounces)

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