A range of Zero Sugar sweets, Ketogenic Butter Coffee Creamers and Ketogenic Instant Butter Drinks to power your mind and metabolism with healthy fat and protein, not sugar. Enjoy our snackworthy mallows throughout the day.  Max is an excellent sugar replacement in baking!  Just add my creamers to your favorite cup of coffee, my instants to hot water and stir me up buttercup! Convenient and on-the-go fat burning fuel.


Collagen Facts

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superpower ingredients

Fats are not the villain. Hooray! My fats boost your brain and move your metabolism. I'm filled with pure non GMO MCT oil, organic grassfed ghee and NO ADDED SUGAR. My ingredients improve cognitive function, support fat burn, balance mood and hormone levels, and reduce hunger.

say YAY to fat, NAY to sugar

Non GMO MCT oil, otherwise known as medium-chain triglycerides, MCT is a form of saturated fatty acid derived from coconut oil. With health benefits ranging from brain boosting to metabolism moving. MCTs are digested easily and sent directly to your liver. MCT is used for fuel instead of being stored as fat.

Organic grassfed ghee is 3x more nutritious than ghee that comes from grainfed cows. Raise that mug to CLA, an essential fatty acid found in ghee that’s proven to aid in weight loss and healthy muscle. Butyrate is also a fatty acid known to support a healthy body and reduce brain inflammation.

No added sugar in any of our products making them keto-friendly. Burning sugar stores fat in your body and none of us wants that. Sugar contains calories but no vital nutrients, adding ‘empty calories’ to foods. Sugar feeds dis-ease causing inflammation in the body. 

why so good

mental clarity

Stay sharp with a perfectly portioned combo of MCT oil, grass-fed butter (it’s got this stuff called butyrate that reduces inflammation in your brain and cuts down on brain fog...)

weight wellness

I’m filled with the good stuff like Omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid, which means I’ll rev up your metabolism, keep you satiated & curb cravings. Beat that!

travel light

Good riddance, messy kitchen. Give your measuring spoons, blenders, and bottles a break. Sub out the messy coffee concoction and sub me in! Just stir and go!